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In the last years we have noticed an increase in interest of people in Ask Reddit or community questions from this internet giant which called himself ”the front page of the internet”. There is a section called Ask Reddit where redditors leave questions in hope somebody advised will give them a honest answer.

And yes, there are advised people on Reddit, a lot of them, but very often their voice is covered by a lot of trolls who are coming on that topic only to make fun of the person who started the subject and troll everybody. We have to admit this is fun sometimes, but quite often there are people with real problems who are waiting for a useful answer and those trolls are only making things worse.

That leads us to the reason why we have created this blog Ask:Reddit.Net. We are tired of all the trolls and we want to give pertinent answers for people who are in need. So, this blog is a serious place and the comments section will be moderated by our team in order to keep any type of troll away. In the mean time, what you need to know about this blog is that we are not experts in everything and we will only focus on the topics and subjects that we have knowledge about.

We are here especially for the things related to internet, entertainment, online streaming, movies and tv series, the most popular streaming site brands, where to watch the latest episodes from your favorite shows, how can you watch online the latest productions from cinema only a few minutes after their first broadcast, the best alternatives for watching online movies, how to use sites like 123Movies or CipFlix and pretty much that’s it, we think everyone understood which is our niche.

So, we are starting Ask:Reddit.Net with mainly online entertainment topics but we are determined to expand and cover a lot more subjects by hiring partners who have knowledge in their domains and they can share some experience and wisdom with the people from Reddit who really need their opinion. Stay tuned to our website for the most interesting articles based on questions asked by redditors.

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