YesMovies Alternative To Watch FREE Movies & TV Shows


YesMovies is one of the most beloved free streaming website which is offering movies and tv shows online. Unfortunately, it is not working sometimes ot it disappeared from the search results and many fans can’t find this website anymore and they are looking to replace it with something else.

The paid streaming platforms like Netflix are not a good option because they are expensive and you can’t find all the content that you would like to watch, also the fact that they are not available in so many countries.

So all we have left are the YesMovies similar sites where you can keep watching your favorite movies and series online free. We observed that more and more people are searching for YesMovies alternatives everyday so we started to check and verify many streaming sites in order to create the best list with the most recommended similar platforms.

[Click on logo to enter on 123Movies old site]]

  • What is it? 123Movies is the most popular streaming website in the world at this moment. According to analytics, there are more about 13 millions of people who are searching for this platform every month. This number used to be much bigger a few years ago when Netflix wasn’t so popular but still there is a huge amount of visitors who are looking for 123Movies. It is clear why this one is so beloved by the people: beautiful and friendly design, biggest database of movies and series, well structured collection, instant loading, HD quality and many more advantages.
  • How it works? 123Movies is very easy to use and there is no need for a how to watch tutorial. Just visit the website, browse through their collection, find something good to watch and click the play button. It’s that simple. You can either use their search form or the dedicated pages that are full with content and for sure you will find your favorite movies.
  • Our rating: 9.5/10. 123Movies is so big that is seems they forgot a little bit to focus on the very small details but that’s normal at their level so we did not drop our note too much for this. It is a very good streaming website, almost perfect, and for sure you should check it out if you are looking for an YesMovies alternative.

[Click on logo to enter on FMovies old site]

  • What is it? FMovies is a bit newer than its competitors 123Movies and Putlocker but it’s still a great website. It has a few years of experience in the online streaming users and it already earned the trust of 5-7 millions who are searching for FMovies brand on Google every month. Their database includes about 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which is a huge variety of content that for sure can serve all the tastes when it comes to movies and series.
  • How it works? FMovies is a completely free streaming website and they said on website that they will never ask for anything in return of their streaming services because they are only doing this from passion and are supporting FMovies costs from personal finances. It’s also interesting the fact they are not using any advertising on FMovies which means they really don’t earn any money from this site and it the same time are offering pretty good quality movies and series.
  • Our rating: 8.5/10. FMovies might not be the perfect streaming platform but we are sure it is one of the best alternatives when you want to replace YesMovies. They should improve a little bit the quality of some older movies and shows and also add some subtitles wherever it’s necessary and then it might become your favorite streaming site.

[Click on logo to enter on PutLocker old site]]

  • What is it? Putlocker is one of the oldest streaming sites and it’s well known by millions of people wordwide for its huge collection of movies and tv shows that are available online for free in HD quality and there is no need to create an account in order to watch something here. This website used to be way popular in the past than it is now but however it still represents one of the most important sources of movies and episodes from the whole streaming industry. Putlocker is only publishing Full HD movies and we are happy to see when a website is respecting their visitors with high quality content.
  • How it works? Putlocker is a free streaming platform. You don’t have to pay anything in order to watch movies or shows, just visit the website anonymously as a guest and view all the productions. Their interface is simple and modern in the same time, minimalist and easy to use. The interface is very friendly and there is no need for a how to watch tutorial because everyone can easily figure out how to watch the content, just press a few clicks and you get access to all the productions for free.
  • Our rating: 10/10. As far as we checked it, we didn’t find any errors or inconveniences on Putlocker website and it seems to be the perfect place where you can watch all your favorite movies and shows online. We really believe that you can always replace YesMovies with Putlocker if you want to.

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